You stole our heart and then our breath(dealing with the loss of a dog)

I can't breathe. It's happening all over again. I went through this once before a few years back and it has returned. Sleep is none existent and anxiety is at an all time high. I don't want to accept it but deep down I know it's for the best. I lost my best friend,again. This... Continue Reading →

Staring from my truck

My shift is over. I did what was needed of me and now I have to hang around til the end. But it's my time as well. I can do nothing and fade away or maximize my time and better myself. I stare outside,the sun shining on the gates that lead to the train station.... Continue Reading →

Country or city-the conclusion

Well the end has finally arrived.With the New Year starting I am sure folks all over are planning on major changes in their life and location may be one of them.Some are looking to upgrade,downgrade or all together leave the noise and smog of the city for a crisp and quiet country life.Over the last... Continue Reading →

No more hiding in 2019

just the two of us was beautiful 2018 has gone.It surely was a trying year with it's many challenges that left me bruised.Not scarred.In this post I want to talk about how my seclusion from the world has impacted my everyday life in 2018 and the change I want to make in 2019.This is not... Continue Reading →

2018 in a cracked nutshell

Well needless to say that this year has come and is leaving us.Hopefully leaving you all with warm memories and new found courage. I have to say that 2018 was definitely a year of ups and downs for myself.Firstly it was the first complete calendar year that I literally just kept to myself and let... Continue Reading →

Country or City-5

Well,it's nearing the one year mark on our move from the tightly packed,everything within arms reach life of the city to the crickets of the country. By now summer is almost over with and the beauty and dreadful work that fall brings is upon us. I'm sure all those leaves,and I mean all those leaves... Continue Reading →

Where does one belong in this beauty?

The world is beautiful. It is a fact. We are surrounded by views only nature can give us. If we are able to put aside the ugliness that the media feeds us,we can really appreciate the beauty that encompasses us. Don't believe me?Go outside. Close your eyes for a few seconds,tilt your head upwards and... Continue Reading →

Responsibility vs actuality

Responsibility is what we have. It's what we create in our day to day tasks. Actuality is what happens in real time. Pretty simple to distinguish between both of these. Not so my friends,not so at all. Let's get into a situation that I recently got myself into. So I pride myself on giving fantastic... Continue Reading →

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